Tuesday, April 06, 2010


We spend our lives grieving over the dead while imagining new ways to kill the living; the negative dwells comfortably within those who dwell on it.

Adults feed children from a buffet of fears, then wonder why their children don't agree with them.  Instead of offering children wisdom, adult cram insecurity down their throats until they become addicted to it.

If no generation chooses to sacrifice their egos for well-being, every generation will end up sacrificed at once.

Friday, March 19, 2010

No Easy Answers

Senselessly, we tend to want good things to come easily; we reject things that come hardly, yet we say we want things that are rare.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Unbroken Government

A government, which is an authoritative body, is charged with directing a sovereign nation/state.  A nation is an outgrowth that is rooted within the minds of people(s).

Since a nation is a fruit of the minds of people, it depends on the mind for its being;  likewise, a government depends on the nation.  A broken government grows from a broken nation, which grows from broken people.

How can a nation be unbroken if the people will only be broken? How can the people be unbroken until they are ready to treat all relationships the way they want the government to treat the people?

Remembrance is the return of one's members to the state of being whole, & is opposite forgetfulness (the product of being in a fractured/divided state). Wholeness emerges as naturally from the state of organization as a bounce emerges from a ball filled with air.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My General Philosophy On Life

1: I don't think that it's a very good idea to go even 1 day without learning something new. It would be like trying to eat a sink-full of dirty dishes; I can't keep living off of yesterday's food.

2: I find that people are afraid to use punctuation, proper grammar, & good spelling. They shouldn't be; it's pretty handy when trying to understand the sh*t that people write.

3: I know that a square is another word for a circle; they both equal 360 degrees. Thus, societies may grow from any combination of handshakes & fisticuffs.

4: You should not only dress for your destination; you should also consider the journey.

5: If you think about it, crazy people are like pieces of very abstract art.

6: Anyone can be perceived as crazy.

7: Although feet are perfect for standing, they are not designed for standing still.

8: I do not live well unless I breathe well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why not love necessary evils? (A Riddle)

The total population of men, women, children, animals-- as well as a large percentage of vegetation-- on the surface of planet Earth, currently shares about 1% of the planet's freshwater supply (mostly lakes & rivers). Twice as much water is trapped elsewhere (icebergs & snow).  97% of Earth's water supply is trapped in a saline solution that is not useful for drinking.

Approximately 10,000 children die daily from lack of healthy drinking water.  What is the cost of investing more resources in lesser problems?

The population of men, women, & children on Earth is approximately 6.8 billion. What is your fair share of water, at the above measurements?  How many men should earn their share before it is called fair; also, women & children?

What is the name of the disease that causes the population of a planet to contaminate the air & water as a matter of habit & lifestyle?

Guns were invented for civilized men.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paris Hilton Shouldn't Care What You Think

I believe that most people are more concerned with the activity of the people on planet Earth than with the activity of the planet itself. This is a mistake; what is a brick without consideration of the wall?

The financially independent exist in a reality ruled by the laws of financial independence; the financially dependent, conversely, live in a world (i.e., sphere of mental activity) that is governed by the realities of financial dependence. These realms, though side-by-side (parallel), are relatively divergent & disconnected. This offers variety & alternate definition, giving rise to new meanings. Consequences differ when circumstances do.

I'm fairly certain that Paris Hilton doesn't have to care about who at the office is going to be whispering behind her back; she does not depend on them for her survival, so she pays them no interest. Nothing is deducted from her; if she is priceless within her own mind, she is free.

One enslaved by the concerns & affairs of others is severely taxed. That one will frequently have very low energy. While paying large amounts of attention to others, there is generally very little interest paid to such a one.

There are no unfortunes; there are only unfortunate people.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How much am I spending to buy time?

I'd like to know the ultimate goal that one can have. The thought interests me, in-&-of itself -- let alone the experience of having within one's mind the actual Ultimate Goal. Would you have The Ultimate Goal if you could?

I hear many people saying that they are ambitious. I take this to mean that they believe that they have a tendency to make choices that will benefit them; this must mean that they are, by definition, happy.

If someone is inclined towards the very essence of the concept of "ambition" &, necessarily, "success," I would say that they are inclined towards The Ultimate Goal.

One who is inclined towards The Ultimate Goal, more often than not, makes beneficial choices, & this can be measured by a person's happiness. A person who is more happy is, by (mathematical) definition, more successful. One who is less successful is, conversely, less happy (thus, each person is the best judge of all of his or her personal states of success).

If one is not inclined towards The Ultimate Goal, one is not inclined towards success, & can be described as generally unsuccessful & unhappy (I should consider this when making decisions involving the opinions & influences of others).

If The Ultimate Goal is beyond all observable (i.e., imaginable) goals, it rests within The Unknown. I may not be described as truly happy or successful unless I am willing to face the unknown.

Within this galaxy, the greatest unknown is a black hole; total success (& happiness) equals the willingness to travel into a black hole.