Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why not love necessary evils? (A Riddle)

The total population of men, women, children, animals-- as well as a large percentage of vegetation-- on the surface of planet Earth, currently shares about 1% of the planet's freshwater supply (mostly lakes & rivers). Twice as much water is trapped elsewhere (icebergs & snow).  97% of Earth's water supply is trapped in a saline solution that is not useful for drinking.

Approximately 10,000 children die daily from lack of healthy drinking water.  What is the cost of investing more resources in lesser problems?

The population of men, women, & children on Earth is approximately 6.8 billion. What is your fair share of water, at the above measurements?  How many men should earn their share before it is called fair; also, women & children?

What is the name of the disease that causes the population of a planet to contaminate the air & water as a matter of habit & lifestyle?

Guns were invented for civilized men.

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