Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How much am I spending to buy time?

I'd like to know the ultimate goal that one can have. The thought interests me, in-&-of itself -- let alone the experience of having within one's mind the actual Ultimate Goal. Would you have The Ultimate Goal if you could?

I hear many people saying that they are ambitious. I take this to mean that they believe that they have a tendency to make choices that will benefit them; this must mean that they are, by definition, happy.

If someone is inclined towards the very essence of the concept of "ambition" &, necessarily, "success," I would say that they are inclined towards The Ultimate Goal.

One who is inclined towards The Ultimate Goal, more often than not, makes beneficial choices, & this can be measured by a person's happiness. A person who is more happy is, by (mathematical) definition, more successful. One who is less successful is, conversely, less happy (thus, each person is the best judge of all of his or her personal states of success).

If one is not inclined towards The Ultimate Goal, one is not inclined towards success, & can be described as generally unsuccessful & unhappy (I should consider this when making decisions involving the opinions & influences of others).

If The Ultimate Goal is beyond all observable (i.e., imaginable) goals, it rests within The Unknown. I may not be described as truly happy or successful unless I am willing to face the unknown.

Within this galaxy, the greatest unknown is a black hole; total success (& happiness) equals the willingness to travel into a black hole.


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  2. Success can lead to happiness. Success can be achieved in so many ways. Facing the unknown allows you to shed you inhibitions and move forward in life. The "Unknown" can also mean fear. Once you conquer fear, there should be a feeling of sucess and happiness. It means letting go and truly existing as one with nature.