Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paris Hilton Shouldn't Care What You Think

I believe that most people are more concerned with the activity of the people on planet Earth than with the activity of the planet itself. This is a mistake; what is a brick without consideration of the wall?

The financially independent exist in a reality ruled by the laws of financial independence; the financially dependent, conversely, live in a world (i.e., sphere of mental activity) that is governed by the realities of financial dependence. These realms, though side-by-side (parallel), are relatively divergent & disconnected. This offers variety & alternate definition, giving rise to new meanings. Consequences differ when circumstances do.

I'm fairly certain that Paris Hilton doesn't have to care about who at the office is going to be whispering behind her back; she does not depend on them for her survival, so she pays them no interest. Nothing is deducted from her; if she is priceless within her own mind, she is free.

One enslaved by the concerns & affairs of others is severely taxed. That one will frequently have very low energy. While paying large amounts of attention to others, there is generally very little interest paid to such a one.

There are no unfortunes; there are only unfortunate people.

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