Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Unbroken Government

A government, which is an authoritative body, is charged with directing a sovereign nation/state.  A nation is an outgrowth that is rooted within the minds of people(s).

Since a nation is a fruit of the minds of people, it depends on the mind for its being;  likewise, a government depends on the nation.  A broken government grows from a broken nation, which grows from broken people.

How can a nation be unbroken if the people will only be broken? How can the people be unbroken until they are ready to treat all relationships the way they want the government to treat the people?

Remembrance is the return of one's members to the state of being whole, & is opposite forgetfulness (the product of being in a fractured/divided state). Wholeness emerges as naturally from the state of organization as a bounce emerges from a ball filled with air.

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